BMX Artifacts with Biz

Joe Cookie hit me up with a link to a video he did on the ESPN site. It’s called BMX Artifacts and for the first episode, he sat down with Biz at his parents house in Lynn, MA. Biz goes through his BMX career, talking about his current past sponsors, frames he rode, contests went to, and how is one Gravity Games medal compares to Bohans stacks of X-Games medals.

You can watch the video with Biz on ESPN.

4 responses to “BMX Artifacts with Biz”

  1. rob says:

    Great nostalgic post. Biz.. what a character and a f-ing ape!

  2. the truth says:

    metal medals

  3. Kyle says:

    Very cool video, do more of these. Did Biz’s relationship with Fly end so badly that he doesn’t even want to mention their name?

  4. says:

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