Best And Worst Identities of 2009

Brandnew, one of the best brand identity websites around has a great roundup of the best and worst identities of 2009. There are some great examples of both good and bad identities like the above beautiful Paul Rand designed Yale logo (on the left) that was dumped for the new version (on the right) and surprisingly enough the re-brand for Aol. pulled in the top spot of best identity of 09!

Check out the full coverage on Brandnew.

6 responses to “Best And Worst Identities of 2009”

  1. bt says:

    List is way off how is AOL #1?

  2. Jordan says:

    I am kind of down with the aol. re-brand. although i think its weird to include the punctuation on there

  3. Brad H. says:

    Paul Rand designed the Yale logo and it is disappointing to see another paul rand logo get replaced. Although it did do its job for like 20 years. I do not think any logos designed today will ever have that kind of lifespan. Brandnew is an awesome site.

  4. Harrison Boyce says:

    yeah, duh, paul rand… just changed it… but yes, it is very disappointing to see another logo get replaced. I wonder if years down the road, people will start going back to his logos for their brands…. or has anyone already done this?

  5. LandonP says:

    I love my little pony, but the new logo makes me want to throw them all away

  6. says:

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