The Making of Fantastic Mr Fox


Pentagram just posted some images of a book they designed for Wes Anderson’s new film, Fantastic Mister Fox. The book gives you an inside look into what it took to create the characters in the movie, showing all the fun stuff like character sketches, swatches, inspiration and notes from Wes Anderson. The book was published by Rizzoli and you can check out the full post on the Pentagram blog.





8 responses to “The Making of Fantastic Mr Fox”

  1. louis brown says:

    love this film, watched it twice and im stil finding things i didnt see.

  2. Nick Del-Molino says:

    this movie is amazing. i was lucky enough to work on the post production sound and i managed to never get tired of watching it. the little detail in the sets can keep you interested for hours.
    yet another awesome wes anderson movie

  3. mikeyt says:

    so sick! i just ordered this book on amazon… thanks for the heads up!

    (BTW it’s only 20-23 bucks on amazon)

  4. subtler says:

    I really wanna take it !!

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