Swine Flu Deaths

Swine Flu Mortality

I came across this graph about Swine Flu Deaths last week and judging by the 480,00+ view count on Flickr, I’m sure a few of you have seen it, but if now, check it out after the jump.

“This info graphic shows the immense threat of the Swine Flu compared to other manners of death. Today’s the 300th day of the year 2009, so I used the numbers of deaths on the Poodwaddle’s World Clock (which uses the death stats of the official WHO data and statistics) for a quick comparison. The number of swine flu deaths is from the official german epidemic info site.click here to zoom image

Swine Flu Mortality

14 responses to “Swine Flu Deaths”

  1. drew says:

    a great peice of design as well as awareness, which i’m sure a lot of us are already aware of. It’s really mellowed out in Australia so i thought it was over, but after hearing some statistics on the news the other night, i realised not.

  2. isnt it funny how we become so scared of the little flu but we keep eating away at the hamburgers and continue to clog up our arteries.

  3. Brendan says:


  4. Harrison Boyce says:

    Brendan, that site is really cool, haven’t seen it before.

  5. Bink says:

    War: 151,017 deaths.

    Maybe the media should make a bigger deal about the MURDER happening in the Middle East.

  6. shithawk1 says:

    swine flu doesnt exist.

  7. bro-g says:

    vaccine is tainted with h2n3 aka bird flu

  8. bro-g says:

    bink its actually a sacrafice…. thats why they make all the soldiers wear emblems on their uniform

  9. Bink says:

    Are you saying that the 155,000+ deaths are necessary sacrifices? For what?

  10. bro-g says:

    to the gods of orion, why?? thats beyond me

  11. @mathewe says:

    yeah informationisbeautiful.net is amazing. The billion dollar gram is probably the most famous (and striking) example.

  12. Richard says:

    dont take the vaccine it contains a mercury preservative. jeez… wake up people. who knows about eugenics? the mercury attacks the cerebral cortex to soften you up for a lifetime of tv propoganda. ita amazing just how uninformed people really are. keep watching Fox.

  13. Richard says:

    dont watch tv at all. if you have to read a newspaper try the FT because as creepy old man Noam Chomsky says business people need a modicom of truth to do business. all media pretty much sucks and is boring. no renaissance to the stars here.

  14. And this is an investment risk worth taking.