Stranger/Shitty Edit

stranger, bmx, shitty

This was the first thing I saw this morning and I was fully into it.

Rich gives us a glimpse into Stranger with this psychadelic edit of Shitty. Click below.

10 responses to “Stranger/Shitty Edit”

  1. Cheater says:

    That was real fun to watch.

  2. tom perry says:

    Yeah I had a blast watching that.

  3. Harrison Boyce says:

    that first ice to manual to ice 180 was crazy.

  4. kyle ep says:

    shitty got moves

  5. Mitchdog says:

    That was soooo good for a web edit.

  6. TU$K says:

    How did he get the nickname Shitty with moves like that?

  7. markm says:

    edits are always ripping Rich!

  8. Alex says:

    Dude kills it. Edit was tits mcgee

  9. And this is an investment threat price taking.