Spheres of Fury

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Tim Brown and Christopher Hewitt recently posted their video for Hecq Vs Exillion’s track, “Spheres Of Fury” to the delight of vimeo heads all over.

This video is so gorgeous it’s seductive. The colours are mind blowing and it has great energy throughout, definitely a dope looking piece of work.

But here’s the real kicker – the entire video was filmed on a Canon 7D. One of the best DSLR videos ever? You be the judge! Check out the video after the jump.

If you want to read more, it’snicethat interviewed one of the directors Tim Brown which you can check out here.

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12 responses to “Spheres of Fury”

  1. joecookie says:

    This is dope.
    Up until now theres been so many wack b-roll “Films” made with the 7d.
    This is a cool video though, doesn’t really matter what cam they used.

  2. smoovebert says:

    i love it because i am an akzidenz grotesk fan

  3. colton says:

    that was sick

  4. Toys Aint Us says:

    looks like an ad for Urban Outiftters

  5. Andrew says:

    Wow, that’s spectacular. It’s honestly one of the first films I’ve seen shot with a DSLR shooting video that actually looked like film. With 24P recording and the depth of field capabilities that the 7D brings to the table, this looks like a gigantic breakthrough in video replicating film. The 1D Mk4 looks to push things even further than the 7D already has.

    And I know the Nikon cameras already shoot in 24P, but almost anyone will tell you that the Nikon video quality comes nowhere near the quality of the Canon cameras.

  6. David Lang says:

    “looks like an ad for Urban Outiftters” <-- hah. truth!!

  7. Harrison says:

    is the 7D better than the 5D? i should probably know this, but haven’t read up on the 7D.

  8. Chris Long says:

    This was so good!

  9. Andrew says:

    It has variable frame rates (including slow-mo) and various shooting modes (1080p, 720p, among others). The 5D shoots at 1080p at the moment. Apparently Canon is working on a firmware update to bring the 5D up to speed with frame rates and shooting modes, according to certain photo websites. The only disadvantage I see to the 7D is the 1.6X crop factor.

  10. Harrison says:

    Andrew – thanks… variable frame rates on the 5D would be pretty dope. the footage i’ve seen from the new 1D is crazy though…

  11. Rad video, i love the homage to Predator!

  12. nanoo.net says:

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