NatGeo Does Cool


Recently visited National Geographic’s Visions of Earth after seeing this post on mymodernmet. Must confess that, for a while now, I’ve ignorantly stereotyped NatGeo’s photography as long-lens photos of African lions lazing in a field at sunset.

But Visions of Earth is nothing like that at all. These mind-blowing photos are a beautiful but startling reality check on the world and our interactions with it. NatGeo takes on a good attitude with this series, striking a nice balance between the positive and negative while avoiding the authoritative, depressing voice environmental photography can sometimes be guilty of.

Much respect to the photographers and National Geographic! These photos really make me think twice about the plastic bottle sitting on my desk right now.

Check out a selection of my favs below, and definitely hit up Visions of Earth to see more.

Picture 10

Jonathan and Angela Scott

Picture 20

Monica Szczupider

Picture 19

Olivier Grunewald

Picture 18

Xie Huanchi

Picture 15

Tim Flach

Picture 19

Amy Toensing

Picture 10

Jed Weingarten

Picture 22

George Steinmetz

Picture 20

Alex Kirkbride

Picture 17

Tomas Munita

Picture 16

Sergei Supinsky

Picture 13

Jaipal Singh

Picture 14

Jim Reed

Picture 23

Brandon Cole

Picture 16

Yukihiro Fukuda

Picture 21

David Doubilet

Picture 21

Alex Webb

Picture 24

Adib Katib

Picture 23

Franck Fife

Picture 12

James P. Nelson

Picture 22

Sèrgio Brant Rocha

Picture 11

Marsel Van Oosten

10 responses to “NatGeo Does Cool”

  1. LandonP says:

    WOW, these are amazing…

  2. Sam says:

    Incredible stuff, made it on ffffound too.

  3. Vlad Malinovskiy says:

    These pictures breathe

  4. Brendan says:

    Jaw dropping stuff

  5. Peter says:

    My live is so dull !!

  6. Beth says:

    Uma poesia, uma obra de arte, uma música, uma fotografia… falam mais que mil teorias e podem transformar uma vida e quem sabe nosso planeta!

  7. says:

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