jim newrick

jim newrick, bmx, flatty

Jim Newrick, Table off a tree stump

This shot reminds of the old British summers, when you could go to bed at night knowing it was going to be sunny the next day. Sometimes it was even too hot to ride in the day, so we’d wait until the evening and ride Collegiate campus. This was shot back when Jim Newrick lived in Sheffield for a bit. Bump jump table off a tree stump, before hitting the manny pad, then Tesco’s, then Porter Cottage to get chatted up off reader’s wives…

Joe Cox

4 responses to “JOE COX @ RANDOM”

  1. Getrad McKillits says:


  2. mat says:

    If you were in DQ, at 10 to 4, out of your mind drunk, would you go home with reader’s?

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