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A wise man once told me that the mountains are like the sea. Once you live by them, you can never live without them. The more time I spend in them, the more this concept grows on me. When I think of the “Rockies”, I always try and imagine what the first westbound settlers must have felt. After so many days, weeks, months of trekking across the plains, all of that flat ground must have seemed endless. And then, one day, there is this huge formation in front of you, reaching up to the sky, for as far in either direction as you can see; that shit blows my mind. Maybe that’s how towns like Denver and Boulder came to be, maybe it was just too overwhelming for them and they thought, “well, I don’t think we’re going through that, this is a nice place to live”.

Every time I’ve been on my way to Colorado, I feel a different level of excitement than I do going anywhere else. Maybe it’s that “magic pull” that the mountains seem to have. Maybe it’s just being detached from the familiar days of home. And maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with all of the grayish colored sleeping giants that lie scattered all over this region. There is just something about the cement in the mountains. There is a different feel to the parks there, and the amazing scenery that surrounds them doesn’t hurt at all either. I love the fact that you can feel a bit of isolation, while cruising gigantic cement walls. So I guess that could be the reason I find myself planning multiple trips there each year. As much as I love riding these places, seeing others enjoy them is just as good if not better. It was such a treat getting to watch Chase, Hanson, Logan, and Dave all making the most of very stop we made. It reminded me a lot of how riding felt when I was much younger. I wish everyone could feel that.

The Empire video is in the middle of its own evolution right now. Dave Parrick, the mad scientist of this video, has everyone on the edge of their seats wondering what will come of his time spent back in the hot seat of filming and editing. They say “All good things come to those who wait”, and this video will be no exception. We call him “Diamond Dave” for a reason.

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photos by Joe Rich