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Tom Chung, brother of Andy Chung and industrial design student at the Vancouver art school Emily Carr, has been killing the GIF scene lately. With an eye for short catchy video clips, his tumblr blog originalgifs featuring only work of his own creation has proven to be popular on ffffound as well as other tumblr sites of all things GIF.

Hit the jump for some exclusive defgrip GIF creations by Tom Chung as well as a short interview with the man and a tutorial on how to make them yourself.




You’re an industrial design student at Emily Carr. Why industrial design? Will you create an animated GIF chair one day?

I decided to go into industrial design because I need an undergrad in order to go into architecture.  I’ve always liked building things, and with andy already at emily carr it seemed natural.  Although I think I might be suited better for sculpture, I proposed building a meat smoker for my last design project and my teacher wasn’t having it.  GIF chair, that’s conceptual as heck.

You obviously have an eye for catchy clips that would make for good GIFs. What is it about GIFs that you find so interesting?

My friend Alex started making GIF’s, they were super awesome so I started making my own. Animated GIFs and GIF compression seem to be really hype on the internet right now.  I basically make GIFs from something that I see in a movie I’m watching or maybe a youtube video.  The GIF captures a moment, and plays it eternally, they’re hypnotic =/

Originalgifs has been pretty successful so far, I see stuff from there on ffffound all the time. How is it doing in the tumblr ratings?

Haha, I don’t really understand tumblr ratings at all, a couple days ago I was inside the top 50 in Canada, and now I’m outside the top 200, for all you tumblr users I went from around “2000” to “400” for seemingly no reason. Also I’ve noted that 95% of my tumblr followers are 16 year old girls who post about how good where the wild things are was…*pulls gun out, shoots himself in the head*

#gifgang is _ ?

Your worst nightmare.

Can you give a short tutorial on how you make your GIFs from videos in photoshop?

It’s pretty simple, just crop down the video using whatever you want (quicktime works well) and then go into your photoshop settings>File>import video frames to layers.  This will break down all the frames of the video into layers. You can then edit the order/speed/timing in the window>animation window.  When you want to save it go “save for web and devices.” A good way to compress your GIF is by cropping your images down, then when exporting choose Selective Diffusion.  You can mess around with the lossy, dither and color palette until you are happy with the quality and size.

Do you know any good automators to make GIFs with on the internet?

No, not really, I’m not to sure how some of these people make these crazy GIF’s that are all pixelated and stuff.  These are my first attempts at pixel GIFs, i made them in what i think is a really round about way, in illustrator and photoshop.  I think the proper way is to use processing or flash or something like that, I’ll have to find out!

Last words!

Party in the USA is like a audio GIF because I literally always  have it on repeat.

That’s it! Be sure to check out originalgifs to get your GIF on. And also, last month Andy Chung found a simple hack that allows you to use animated GIF icons for your twitter avatar. There’s a tutorial on how to do that here.

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  1. Brian Park says:

    I’m psyched that I beat David and Harrison to ffffounding these. Go Tom Chung!

  2. mike fiz says:

    the one with jaumell is the best!

  3. Earl.. says:

    I’m Stoked that dslang is part of the defgrip team. He should definitely go by dslang, not David. Siiicck first post.

  4. Waltbrave says:

    how i met your gif. such a sick colab

  5. colton ponto says:

    ya jaumell is killing it

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