Yimmys Yayo & BFF Photo Show


Everyone’s favorite image blog Yimmys Yayo is helping put together a photography show for the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival. They are looking for submissions, so if you have any photos you’d like to see in the show and they somehow relate to bikes, send em in! Keep reading for all the details. p.s. the photo above has nothing to do with the post other than that I took it out of the serious Yimmy archive.

Dear Artist, Photographer and lovers of bicycles..

I’ve been asked by the boys at BFF Sydney to help pull together a photographic show for Sydney’s Bike Film Festival. To be held on November 12th at the new ‘Lucky & Wolf’ gallery in Darlinghurst in conjunction with another art show running at the Monster Children Gallery.

So this is a call for photographic submissions. The only requirement is that it, in someway, should reference our two wheeled friend.

This is by all means an international call out, in submitting these images we hope to create something amazing. For local photographers who would like to show physical prints, this is definitely an option as well, just make a note in your e-mail if this is the case.

Requirements: A low resolution JPG should be email to blog@yimmyayo.com on which a large selection will be made and a higher resolution version will be requested. Please keep the initial submissions as small as possible as we don’t want to overload my little over server.

*Disclaimer: Submitting an image allows BFF Sydney to use the submitted work to the best of their abilities. Neither BFF Sydney or myself will be benefiting financially from these works and we will do everything in our power to make sure the work is used respectfully. All work will be credited to the owner and copyright will remain as such.



6 responses to “Yimmys Yayo & BFF Photo Show”

  1. Harrison says:

    I already submitted a photo. Anyone else?

  2. Andrew says:

    i did a few!

  3. jack says:

    sydney buddy

  4. Has there been anything posted from the show like photos of the collage?

  5. Traders do pay direct and indirect costs.