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Ben K doin’ what a Ben K does

In the late spring & early summer months of living with Ben Kanclerowicz, every Friday & Saturday night, he’d always make mention of wanting to shoot photos on Sunday morning. We called it Sunday brunch. Unfortunately, a lot of times it never happened because I just didn’t want to wake up early to spot around. On this particular Sunday in late June, I of course didn’t wake up before noon, but Ben insisted we still venture out to get a photo. When we pulled up to this spot, I loved where the sun was in the sky. Lighting everything for me, no flashes needed. Ben would probably insist that I use something other than a railhop, but its so him… The Ben K we know & love.

Check out more of Tristan’s photos on his flickr.

4 responses to “Tristan Afre @ Random”

  1. Davis says:

    The thing I like most about this photo besides Ben kanclerowicz would be the simplicity of it. That small bend in the building gives it just enough…Im not sure what of, but enough. Pleased as hell to see Tristan A. gettin photo @ randomn. Shit, I wanna see a whole feature in print boiii!

  2. Noir says:

    Ahhh, summer!

  3. Andrew says:

    love ben, he’s an awesome dude, so glad to hear that he’s doing better.

  4. Chris says:

    All forms of investments come with sure risks.