This Must Be It


Personally I’m a big fan of Karin Dreijer Andersson.

Her new video with Royksopp is quite interesting.

I’m curious to hear what some of you think of it… especially my music video director types (Joe Cookie).

10 responses to “This Must Be It”

  1. kaspars says:

    What Else Is There?, now this – awesome videos. Though, I enjoy What Else Is There? song more than new one. But maybe I should just watch/hear it again later. Maybe it’s my mood, hah.

    I totally love Andersson’s voice and I love everything she has made – The Knife, Honey Is Cool and now the freaky Fever Ray with these incredible videos like Seven.

    Yea, and I pretty much don’t like Royksopp, well – as much as I’ve heard their music.

  2. russelljohningenbrandtjunior says:

    song is great. video is.. original. haha

  3. carlito brigante says:

    videos that try to be strange for the sake of being strange are annoying.

  4. Ardelean says:

    True… and then there’s this video.

  5. joecookie says:

    Thanks for the shout Ardelean.

    First this concept worked really well for the song. I’m glad it’s live action and I’m really glad we’re not seeing lip-sync or some nerdy cartoon (shout to Lars Von Trier).
    Very dope with the style / art direction.

    I like the track hadn’t heard it before this but am into Fever Ray & the Knife.
    The track doesn’t have too many changes in it so I think the visual could have had more.

    Excepting the fact that a large percentage of people that watch the video are going to be sitting at a computer with their attention spans compromised
    Maybe we could have got a lil more crazy a lil quicker. Or say fuck the audience and just be crazier for no reason at all.

    I keep thinking of this Tweet from David Lang the other day, He posted a link to a music video that he watched beginning to end, something he admitted almost never happens. That got me thinking , I have these discussions (fights) a lot about who the video is for and if we care if people watch it or get bored ect.
    Did this hold everybody’s attention or was it just a cool track and a cool visual and after 3:34 secs you clicked out?

    Also I def don’t think they were “Trying to be strange” if anything it’s a little on the nose. “And they talk and they dance” and we’re watching these people “Talk and Dance”.
    Ya know? Like we’re clearly on-lookers observing these people.

  6. Harrison says:

    yeah, the whole – watching and entire music video – thing is pretty funny… think about when you were a kid watching mtv and how short all the videos seemed… i definitely sat through hundreds of music videos as a kid, but now i fall into the category of not watching the whole thing because im click happy and want to see what else is out there.

    i think part of the reason i watched so many videos as a kid and sat through all of them, is because I was waiting for my favorite video to show up, like mc hammer or something. because i didn’t have the luxury of watching whatever video i wanted whenever, i was forced to sit though hours of music videos that i wasn’t as psyched on to get to the one i was looking for…

    i did find this video great and it captivated my attention for the entire video. mostly because i did think it was strange and i wanted to see what happened. i also like the music. but i don’t think they were being stracnge for the sake of being strange. i think they had a genuine idea/concept and went with it.

  7. Chuck Homler says:

    Actually, that is Marianne Schröder. Karin Dreijer Andersson is the vocalist and she is featured in an Elizabethan collar in part of the video. Marianne Schröder is a Norwegian model who lip-syncs in the video.

  8. JosephG says:

    thabk you thank you thank you 🙂

  9. Chuck Homler says:

    No prob! Glad to help.

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