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The crew over at Streetphire hit us up regarding an experiment they are conducting to find out what’s what when it comes to the BMX magazines you purchase. They are trying to get an accurate count (which may or may not be possible) as to which magazines readers are purchasing, to answer the question “Do magazines still count?”. Read and vote HERE.

For me personally, I’m all for the magazines (and anything printed) and do not want them to go away. I’m definitely not a “print is dead” flag waver. However, I would be a fool if I did not acknowledge their need to adapt all around with the internet being such a force, especially in the years to come. Luckily, magazines do have websites as well for speedy up-to-the-minute info, in addition to providing us with original content in their pages. To keep kids buying in the digital age is the hard part though. Finding a new balance between print and online might be key.

The topic continues….

update – Robin has written a post about this over on Ride UK.


  1. cmc says:

    The instructions say: “Which magazines do you still purchase? You can select more than one option”

    Then it won’t let you select more than one option…. brilliant !

  2. Joe J says:

    Why have a poll, whenin the U.S. magazines are legally required to reveal sales numbers? THe poll doesn’t even work correctly to begin with…

  3. Joe J says:

    And I’d be curious about people’s arguments on how magazine haven’t adapted. I look at Ride US or Dig’s site, and they are updated daily with new unique content, unlike most blogs, especially the larger ones in BMX. When I look at the magazines, what I see is fresh new riding and articles that haven’t been seen before. I could care less either way about media stuff, internet and magazines, but people’s arguments about print not and all that stuff seem weird/ ulterior motives behind them and/ or pointless. You can talk about print not being on the same level as up to date news accessibility like the internet, but it seems like they’ve already “adapted” and addressed the situation. They aren’t like Time magazine anymore, where the content is all about current news like magazines were fifteen years ago.
    Maybe people should ride their bikes more and quit being couch critics…?

  4. tbvo says:

    Printed photographs are and will be forever

    look around- away from your monitor

  5. Andrew says:

    your website doesn’t exist in a subway when you have no wi-fi/cell service…print isn’t dead, it just needs to refocus and rethink it’s model.

  6. DavidLang says:

    I know I’m eager as hell to read the new issue of Purple magazine. That is an experience I can’t get off the internet. That magazine, along with publications like Foam and Acne Paper are proof that print isn’t dead and there is still a future for the medium.

    That being said, there is a lot of print that needs to die. Specifically print run by people who aren’t up on the internet and don’t know what this generation of readers need.

    For one, I find it depressing when magazines still have a ‘news’ sections. People need to stop competing with the internet in this area.

  7. DavidLang says:

    Not forgetting Jared Souney’s great post on this subject posted in June:

  8. Joe J says:

    I think magazines like Ride and The Skateboard Mag keep news in there for archival purposes, not to compete with the web. When are people going to get over comparing print to web? They are two different mediums of media. Anybody who thinks print can compete with the internet on up to date news is dellusional. And judging by the fact that every magazine has a website, the people who produce magazines must agree. Also judging by the fact that magazine issues still sell out (I heard that Dig trail issue sold out in the first month) must mean that there is a demand for that kind of medium.
    Enough of this silly debate; people who love this drama need to go ride their bikes, or get out of BMX. People’s uniformed/ baseless comments really should be put elsewhere, not in BMX. It just makes BMX look that much worse than it does on its own.

  9. H Man says:

    DavidLang, thanks for that link thats one of things I was trying to say I had read about the things going on in the print and web media. Its one hell of an interesting read.

    I know my poll isn’t working now, massive fuck up right there in the technology. It couldn’t handle the amount of people voting, yet such a simple task its was supposedly developed for… anyway sorry about all the mess.

    For the record im a huge fan of print myself and im sure as hell not against it even though some people in the comments and on the net seem to have read into it the wrong way and made it look like im having a go at print. Im not, im just wanting to see if we could conduct a little test to see what the figures were on people who purchased magazines, looks like the net has struck again and things have went off on one.

    Cheers for the comments
    H Man

  10. says:

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