nike tunnel jam, defgrip

As you may or may not know, the Nike Tunnel Jam went down this past weekend in England. I was invited to judge the comp (along with Brian Tunney, Grant from BSD and Dave Sowerby) and pulled double duty by taking a bunch of photos for Defgrip too.

The tunnel where the comp was held is basically in the middle of nowhere and some locals have used it to house a few things to ride, but nothing like what you see in the photos. Fast forward to now and Nike is in the picture, willing to build ramps and hold a contest. Ultimately, workers laid down tarmac and built and amazing set of ramps which will stay in the Tunnel for the local scene to manage and enjoy. You know how it’s a bummer when contests end and they tear everything down?? This is the opposite of that.

If you were wondering about the secrecy surrounding this event, it was with good reason. Due to the nature of the site, there was no room on the course for people to chill besides the beginning and end quarter decks and there was limited parking. The majority of the people watched from outside on a jumbo screen. This one had to be mellow and low key. Click HERE for some video.

Here are the results:

Best Team:
Nike 6.0 Global
(Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds, Maxime Charveron, Bjorn ‘Bommel’ Mager)

Second place:
DK Bikes
(Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Josh Cox, Anthony Watkins)

Third place:
(Max Vincent, Ty Morrow, Dan Lacey, Mark Love)

Fourth place:
Fly Bikes
(Kevin Kalkhoff, Daneil ‘Naran’ Penafiel, Stefan Lantschner, Dylan Smith)

Best Rider (As judged by the riders):
Baz Keep with his crazy pocket transfers and the highest airs of the weekend.

Best Line:
Dan Lacey for a huge over vert Ruben wallride to 180 gap across the course.

Best Trick:
Jason Phelan – tailwhip launch to double peg grind.

Thanks to all the Nike crew for the opportunity and congrats on a successful worthwhile event.


photos by Nuno Oliveira