Josef Hoflehner’s Jet Airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

Photographer Josef Hoflehner has a new book out title Jet Airliner. The book is a series of black and white photos shot on Maho Beach right under the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. The photos are extremely breathtaking and I couldn’t imagine being at that beach, let alone how loud it would be! (via iconology).

Check out some photos after the jump as well as a few videos of planes landing at the airport!

josef hoflehner jet airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

Check out more of Josef Hoflehner’s work on his site and pick up the Jet Airliner book on Amazon.

8 responses to “Josef Hoflehner’s Jet Airliner”

  1. Scully says:

    “holy hell is that fucker big”

  2. russelljohningenbrandtjunior says:

    is it just me or does this seem really sketchy to anyone else? i’m shocked that the airport doesn’t have that beach blocked off..

  3. victor says:

    the name of that beach is KEROZENE BEACH hahaha (that true)

  4. Danny says:

    Having been there, is quite an experiance. If you don’t have your wits about ya the jet wash will can knock you over. The bar that’s on maho has good shrimps and cheep beer. I’d be curious to take a bike to the island, there’s some interesting architectural stuff in town.

  5. 金多虾 says:





    My friend said that the pictures were done by photoshop out.
    He felt that people from the aircraft can not be so close.
    Deafening sound of the exhaust gas halo will shock you.

    Although he and I say this not in China, do not use your imagination to speak.
    I mean, he suspected that your photographs are not real locations. As for this I hope you can give points to explain.

    In fact, I have also, and he said Capa’s sentence: “You looks bad, is because you not close enough away from the scene”
    Wish to give me e-mail

    Damn Google Translation

  6. St. Maartens was on a show called “10 Most Dangerous Airports”, it’s pretty nuts how close you can get to the airplanes, they also had an airport in Gibraltar that had a highway going through the middle of it and pedestrians would walk across the tarmac, pretty crazy.

  7. Corine says:

    And this is an funding risk worth taking.