Defgrip Quilted T-Shirt Out Now

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

Our new t-shirt is available NOW! We only have about 50 in stock so if you want to pick one up, make sure you act fast! The shirts are printed on American Apparel Summer T’s and come in small, med, large, x-lare, and xx-large. We shot a bunch of photos with our friend Chris Martindale. Chris is an amazing rider, who rides for MacNeil BMX, and has been one of my best friends for the past ten years! Check out some more photos of Chris rocking our Quilted T after the jump!

Click here to go to our new web store a buy a t-shirt now!

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

defgrip t-shirt quilted chris martindale

Click here to buy the Quilted T on our new web store!

  • Tute

    Happy for the new shirt! Hope to see more from Defgrip’s garment.
    And maybe a nice NewEra.
    Cheers from Buenos Aires.

  • kyle ep

    i know what goes on in those trees.

  • LandonP

    Nice shirt, got it

  • Preston

    Ordered one. Sick shirt.

  • sven

    rad shirt..on it

  • Harrison

    so stoked to see how many people are picking them up! thanks to everyone who’s got one already and i wouldn’t be surprised if they are all gone by the end of the day!

  • Kyle

    Just tried to buy one with my phone, but it didn’t work. Hopefully there will be mediums left when I get home.

  • dillsy

    damn why no large ones?

  • Andrew

    We dropped the shirts first on twitter, so I guess our followers get first dibbs!

    “for all our followers, here’s a little head start. click here to but the shirt before everyone else!

  • aaron

    do another run of larges please.

  • drop

    just bought one yesterday and they are sold out right now!
    pheew that was close^^
    i love it that they are printed on summer tees. perfect!

  • kay

    no more size m in stock(?), damn i’m the slowest asshole in the world !

  • Harrison

    we had no idea they would sell out so quickly! since they went so fast, we are going to get a new batch of all sizes printed up as soon as we can! thanks so much to everyone who picked up a shirt today and sorry they went to quick to everyone else.

  • matts

    WOW. I have literally been checking numerous times a day since i first saw the new t-shirt on ‘photo of the day’ to make sure i could score one. Haha clearly i wasn’t quick enough. Good for the Defgrip guys! Glad to hear you’re getting a new batch.

  • LandonP

    Glad i got one in time, new macneil shirts will be cool too.. if they ever come out!

  • Already sold out? More please!

  • damn you

  • mark m


  • Please make more! The white is so hot.

  • seth

    oh, nowww you go and ride the bowl. thanks for calling.

  • D

    Do another print.