Defgrip Quilted T – Black

defgrip quilted t black

So, the first batch of the Defgrip Quilted T sold out so fast that a lot of people didn’t get to pick one up. We were super stoked that so many people were into the shirt, so we made a second batch. This time we did a black shirt with a white print. Just like last time, they are printed on an American Apparel Summer T and are available in small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large. We have 58 shirts in total, just about the same as last time and those sold out in under 24 hours, so if you want to pick one up act fast!

Click to buy the Quilted T in black on our online store!

  • no shipping to canada?

  • Everyone who hasn’t received their shirts from the last batch should receive them this week, I shipped them out the 13th. (I cant vouch for the far far international shipments though, none the less they are all on there way!


  • Zach, just fixed it! sorry about that, we should be able to ship everywhere now!

  • Still nothing… Unless its just me?

  • Harrison

    Zach, it’s fixed for real this time! Now the shirt will ship to anywhere in the world… Sorry for the problems!!

  • Worked perfectly! Thanks alot!

  • Harrison

    Sweet! thanks for picking one up!!

  • max

    my order is in! I was hoping you’d do one in black.

  • Jacko

    So stoked you guys did another run of these!

  • Sweet. Was too late on the last batch, ordered one immediately now. Wonder how long shipping will take to the Netherlands.

  • Preston

    Ordered a shirt from each batch. The black looks really good.

  • Harrison

    Thanks so much to everyone who’s ordered a shirt!!
    Brendan, the shirts will be sent out in the next few days and will probably take about a week to get to you!

  • Just ordered mine! Can’t wait to get it.

  • Lucas

    you should do another run my size sold out and i dislike the tall tee trend

  • LandonP

    This design would look good on a hoodie too! it is getting nippy out