seth, bmx, shadow conspiracy, andrew white

seth, bmx, shadow conspiracy, andrew white

Seth has always been one of my favorite riders. He has never followed trends, yet his riding has a timeless and adaptable element that makes him relevant in all riding styles and settings, and over the course of his lengthy career as a rider in the forefront of BMX. He possesses bike control envied by most, and the ability to destroy any terrain like few others can. From his late bald-headed teenage years bombing roofs, to present day where he exemplifies how a freecoaster can become incorporated into riding without looking cliche, Seth’s riding will continue to be a pleasure to watch for a long time to come.

While the others sessioning this colorful Jersey barrier in Philadelphia were struggling to air or grind, Seth floated a nice table a couple times for a photograph. Check out the rest of the Shadow roadtrip in Philly here, and make sure to pick up the next Dig to find some more photos and stories from the trip with Seth, Karl, Rickey, and Johnny.

Andrew White

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    Seth will always be one of my favorite riders.

  4. kyle says:

    so true. everytime i see a video of him, always killing.

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