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MIKE FIZ – photographed by ALEX JI – click to enlarge

Whats Amazing about a City is the evolution of its streets, Whats around you constantly changes, Some buildings appear out of nowhere and others just vanish with the flick of a switch. For most people this can go unnoticed, yet for those of us who constantly strive to find new terrain, and use it to express ourselves, it is what makes living in a city so interesting.

The picture above reflects this constant change, This wooden bank made out of plywood was located in a half built parking lot. Thousands of people drive by this constuction site everyday, yet no one probably ever took the time to explore it. The bank itself was a borded up entrance to a lower parking garage. The picture is pretty accurate in showing how the wooden bank was steep, which explains the 2×4 and pieces of plywood at the bottom . What you can’t see though is that the basement under the bank was filled with water, probably 10 feet of it and that the wooden planks had nails sticking out every 5 inches or so. Which made the spot pretty sketchy to ride.

This spot is probably long gone by now as Alex Ji and I shot this in the construction holidays. I guess luck had to do in finding this at the right time before it disappeared. It just shows what you can get with a couple of sheets of plywood, creativity, good timing, and a borrowed fish eye.

-Mike Fiz

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  1. LandonP says:

    thumbs up

  2. Plonka says:

    OMFG third!!! … Sick picture and well written story, way to go guys!

  3. Nate J Johansen says:

    Was this taken without any flashes? Looks like it. Simple and effortless, and still great. I’m jealous.

  4. Alexandre ji says:

    Without flashes.

  5. Sol says:

    And that is an funding threat price taking.