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Van Homan sent through a statement regarding the recent changes with Fit Bikes. Click below to check that out.


“I became part of the Fit family in 2002 because I was excited to get away from the corporate BMX sponsorship world, where I felt that the bottom line and contest results seemed to be their number one priority. I was excited to work with Robbie Morales, Chris Moeller and the Fit team which included and still consists of Mike Aitken, Brian Foster, Justin Inman and Edwin Delarosa. A lot of smaller companies were having problems getting American made frames manufactured at the time. But with Chris Moeller/S&M providing the machine shop and the know how to design and produce quality products, it seemed like a fool proof plan.

Over the past 8 years, I, along with many others, have helped build Fit into what it is today. Fit is more then one person. Although Rob-o, Moeller, Mike Aitken and the rest of the team have been key players in the growth of Fit, it never could have been what it is today without people like George Ramirez packing boxes, Timmy Ball running the machine shop, Nick Benson heading up the sales force, Neal Wood in product design and the insane number of other contributors most of whom are fellow riders. Fit truly is a family and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

Chris and Robbie have had their differences in the past but as of recently it started to become clear that this time there were going to be some major changes. I have to admit this transition has been hard on me. I have looked up to both parties involved on a number of levels since I was a kid. It feels something like being a 12 year old kid caught in the middle of his parents divorce. All this may sound a bit dramatic and maybe it is but Fit is more then just a job or a sponsor to me.

Fit is something I’ve spent 1/3 or my life being a part of and something I will continue to be a part of and take pride in. I understand that Robbie and the other team riders felt they needed to move on. I respect their decisions and honestly wish them the best in their new ventures. However, don’t let their actions discount what Fit is and stands for.

Fit is a rider owned company that continues to make quality products, sponsor events and supports a number of riders as both sponsored pros and employees. Fit grew into what it is because they do things right and for the right reason, that’s not going to change. I am excited about the future of Fit. I feel like this whole situation has already brought me closer to some of the other team riders. We have great ideas moving forward and are collectively going to work hard to continue kicking ass.

Van Homan “Still Fit!”

23 responses to “A STATEMENT FROM VAN HOMAN”

  1. bt says:

    Have to respect his stance on the situation. Cheers Van!

  2. the insider says:

    he is the new tm shit cult is so pimp already look how much hipe there is and solid is makeing there frames and the people that are still there dident leave cause robbie cant offer the pay check to them and they need it right now im down with cult rob-o for life o and two big name riders soon two be on cult can u guess who

  3. STAY LIT says:

    I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!


  4. Simplex says:

    yeah when you make the rider the stars and not the brand, you create little monsters that believe all the bullshit that gets shoveled into their mouths by magazines, team managers, bloggers and espn.

    when you have a brand that is solid like S&M you can have dead beats on the team and it doesn’t matter. when the rider’s ego are bigger than the good year blimp you have to to their needs. and you don’t tell them that their career is 5 yrs long if they are lucky.

  5. mile manuler says:

    morales is a radical. s and m has been around since 1987, moller is the man. aswell as everyone who has helped.and all the people who purchase the s and m name. keep of the good work fit team. you guys are one of the best.

  6. real says:

    repect is earned not given away easily. van you are the man, and chris m, jason, neal,george, and everyone else. you guys are the best, and i wouldnt ride any thing less. cant wait to see more.

  7. Preston says:

    Well put, Van. Best of luck to all the riders with their new sponsors.

  8. Gille says:

    the insider – Was that a statement or one steady stream of conscience? Van has more clout & integrity than anybody in BMX. Van is humble, intelligent, & has more to bring to the table than he gets credit for. Moeller has been handed a gold mine by Robbie. Lets just hope Chris makes the right decisions.

  9. the insider says:

    what would happen if neal wood left s&m

  10. Doctor says:

    I think this shit is good. All of the OG Fit riders pretty much on Fit.. The trendy little fags bounced. fUCK WHAT ANYONE HAS TO SAY

  11. Doctor says:


  12. Red says:

    Why do people get all excited when a new team is coming together? You’re still gonna see them riding individually come clip time so what does it matter? And “the insider”…you need to spend less time being inside whatever it is you’re inside of and more time reading, writing and learning to spell. That might be one of the worst “paragraphs” on the web this morning, no offense.

  13. the insider says:

    the funny thing is that i really know everthing thats happing like neal leaving s&m fuck your stupid watch it happen neal at cult just watch

  14. Red says:

    I’m not calling you a liar, just write in complete sentences.

  15. tom says:

    its ironic that van joined fit to get away from the mainstream contest and all that bull shit, but now you see fit and s&m toy trick bikes at walmart all over the country. maybe its just me but im pretty sure haro and shwinn did that back in the day and now look at both of those companys. i rest my case, right after i get a beer out of it……..

  16. Serge says:

    Efff, yeah! haro, schwinn, gt – they all sold out. But you can’t really blame it on’ em – it is life. If you want to make profit and pay all these high profile riders, you have to sell your products at walmart and stuff, as I see it, which consequently makes the brand less hardcore, less rider-owned and more corporate. This is a general rule, to which Fit was an exception, until recent…

  17. insiders a fag says:

    If u were an insider you would know who u were insulting my man…

  18. the insider says:

    sorry its true neal wood at cult it will happen and van is the new fit tm

  19. Twitch says:

    what riders have left the fit team?

  20. kyle h says:

    you all sound like a bunch of fucking faggots. go ridse ur fucking bikes

  21. who cares says:

    ya this is true drama for bmx… Van is a Legend and Moeller is a genious. I ride a fit but is it a fit or a s&m… its a s&m.