Just got the 1st promo for the upcoming Nike Tunnel Jam, 2 more to come. Click below to check it out.

Details are sparse, but I can tell you that I may or may not be in attendance.

Tunnel Jam 1. from Tunnel Jam on Vimeo.

10 responses to “NIKE 6.0 TUNNEL JAM”

  1. Harrison says:

    where’s the tunnel??

  2. nick says:

    wtf was that????????

  3. carlito brigante says:

    pretty pretty pretty lame. at least give people a small idea of what’s going on. looked like a bad scary movie without the scary part.

  4. Nuno says:

    There are 2 more promos…

  5. Ryan C. says:
    Apologies and promises can only go so far, sure other riders are being “paid”, but at what price.

  6. bob says:

    beeeenn there woopwoop

  7. Tom says:

    Where to is the tunnel in London ?

  8. Tyler says:

    i know where the tunnel is vagely

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