When it comes to video reviews, I usually stay away from them like the plague. In fact, don’t even consider this a review. With that said, this post is basically stating that I have been enjoying my copy of Let’s Get Mystical since it came in the mail last week. I like to give these things about 5 solid views before I open my mouth.

In my opinion, the Mutiny dudes have 3 things going for them that usually make their stuff enjoyable for me – riders I like watching, good music and consistent filming/editing. LGM pretty much hits all those points and if I must say so myself, has trumped SOBP.

LGM is quite different from SOBP in the sense that there are mainly no individual riders parts, but rather a mix broken down into sections (Texas, Pennsylvania etc…), which is a breath of fresh air and keeps the momentum going. The fact that the video “seems” to have popped up out of nowhere, also helps. It’s inevitable that people will nit-pick on certain things, but regardless, this is a good production. One thing that Mutiny has to put in their rider contracts though, is that no one is allowed to cut their hair during filming at any time, haha…

Check out our feature on LGM if you haven’t seen it.

5 responses to “GET MYSTICAL.”

  1. cameronasa says:

    Could not agree more. This video is absolutely amazing. I loved SOBP, and agree that LGM just takes it to a new level.

    So good to see consistently mind-blowing footage. I seriously felt like the video was nothing but bangers. Good job Joe, Gaz, Caleb and everyone involved.

    I cannot wait to order it.

  2. Lucas says:

    wait what is this for sale now?

  3. BMX for Sale says:

    The Mutiny dudes Rock! Look forward to catching Let’s Get Mystical. If it better than SOBP it must be awesome. Thanks for the Non review…review.


  4. i havent seen the movie but i love to get mystical…….look forward to seeing it tho

  5. And this is an investment danger price taking.