Defgrip On Twitter


We just setup an official Defgrip twitter account yesterday! Nuno, Andrew, and I have all had our own Twitter accounts, but we thought it would be cool to get a Defgrip one going that we would all update with news, links, and whatever random stuff we are up to. Mike Ardelean is even going update it! Mike hasn’t been on Twitter yet, so it should be rad to see what kind of stuff he posts on there! We re-organized the sidebar a little and added the twitter feed in there, so you can keep up with our updates on the site!

If you are on Twitter make sure to follow us, we are @defgripcrew!

3 responses to “Defgrip On Twitter”

  1. bdubbs says:

    Yeah impromptu shout out! Thanks HB.

  2. Harrison says:

    haha, not a bad random screen grab, huh!

  3. Margart says:

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