Corey Martinez hooked up some sweet iPhone photos. Click below to check them out.

Bathroom- While passing through Nashville making my drive to Chicago to visit Kachinsky. I had lunch at a cafe with Nathan and found this sign. Nothing worse then being rushed trying to make a number 2 happen.

Dakota- I think the photo speaks for itself haha.

Wild pigs- This was in Ecuador right behind this house i was staying in. I’ve never been this close to wild pigs before without a weapon of some sort so was ready to use my phone as one if they attacked me. There is all kinds of weapon apps on iPhones.

Car- This was also while I was in Ecuador. I’m really into cars of all sorts so when I saw this I couldn’t help but to check it out. This was actually someones car! Interesting style for hooking up a ride. I wonder if it will catch on in the states? Could be the next big thing in rap videos!

Trash can- This was in Fargo ND while on a Levi’s trip recently. I was to scared to look in the trash so I just took a photo. Haven’t seen or heard anything yet so im guessing everything is ok.


  1. Matty L says:

    That last one is the best, reminds me of Birkenhead!

  2. hahaha I checked in the garbage can after you all walked by it confused… Didn’t hear any crying.

  3. e says:

    sweet pics, but the last one makes me really uneasy combined with the description:D

  4. says:

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