A Day Of Dirt

one day of dirt russian bmx edit

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out a great edit by Konstantin Alemasov from Russia featuring Mihail Rostomyan riding some trails in Moscow. Like all of Konstantin’s other edits, the quality is top notch!

Check out the video after the jump –

9 responses to “A Day Of Dirt”

  1. aron says:

    The Russian Neil Harrington!

  2. A.D.E.N. says:

    riding good, music amazing :]

  3. Jason- says:

    say whaaat?! That was so sick!

  4. Ken Masters says:


  5. Johan says:


  6. mr b says:

    awesome use of depth of field

    I want a 5D mk II soooo bad

  7. Albert says:

    The Maldrin Man approves.

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