I lurked around the X-Games the last 2 days and took a bunch of candid pics (click below). I knew a bunch of people would be there to capture the riding, so I wanted to go and get some behind the scenes stuff of people chilling, watching, and doing their thing.

It was good seeing everyone and congrats to all who rode in the contest.

Hit up Ride BMX for results & video. Tunney and Cody live blogged the whole thing too.

Scotty Cranmer refueling.


Van Homan/Rob-O

Jim Bauer


Ben Ward/Dave Mirra



Bestwick being awesome.

Aaron getting Kachinsky pumped.


Francis Delapena


Ty Morrow being congratulated by Harrington.

Fit/United crew


Eye in the sky

Corey Martinez reacting.

Gary Young

Jerry Badders getting stoked.

Dave Mavro and Justin Kosman getting tech.


Nathan Williams in deep thought.

Rob Wise/Tony Neyer. Read more about this pic RIGHT HERE.

Catfish and crew.

Street course decoration.

Aaron being interviewed.

9 responses to “X-GAMES PHOTOS”

  1. Jason says:

    Nice pics Nuno!

  2. Jake says:

    Great pictures!

  3. Bryan says:

    all great shots

  4. Alex says:

    Top notch shots my dude.

  5. nick says:

    bestwick shot. yes.

  6. tonny says:

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