Van Homan Interview

van homan

I remember when you would come out to 7-11 trails on Long Island to ride, and I kind of considered you a dirt/trails guy at the time. Realistically though, you are pretty much an all around rider. Is street most rewarding for you, or do you make an effort to ride a little bit of everything?

Yeah a lot of people thought of me as a trail rider at first, and I was a trail rider, but I was also a street rider. We didn’t have ramps, so we would build jumps and ride street. I just happened to get coverage for dirt first I guess. I love riding everything, but street is where I really like to push myself.  Dirt and ramps, I just have fun flowing and carving.

You were once quoted as saying that you’ve “ridden Paris more than I’ve ridden NYC”, which is pretty funny considering where you live. To this day, what are some of your favorite places to ride?

Haha yeah, I don’t know why, I just never go up to NYC. I think it just intimidates me, haha. I like riding my local Pennsville spots. It’s just laid back and it’s home. I love going down to Raleigh N.C. and chilling with Leigh Ramsdell. We also have fun and get stuff done down there. The Little Devil bowl was the best…R.I.P. FDR is always good. Any new city is a good time. It’s exciting to not know what’s going to be around the next corner.

You seem to be a regular on Props trips throughout the years. For me, I think Road Fools 4 was pretty awesome overall. Do you have a favorite trip that stands out, and if so, why?

All the Road Fools were really good, but 4 was my first. I was young and so excited. I couldn’t believe I was on the trip. 5 was pretty good too. The finger bike demo by Rob-O may have been the hardest I’ve ever laughed. The Snap trip we went on back in the day was a pretty good one too. That was like me, Garrett Byrnes, Pat Juliff, Steven Murray, Paul Kintner and Keith Mulligan. That was a really fun trip. There have been so many good trips over the years, I could go on forever.

What was it like being there when Ruben gapped to that shark fin thing?

Hahaha, Unreal. We really couldn’t believe it.

Who are some riders you looked up to when you were coming up, and a few riders that impress you now?

Well, when I was like 14, I made a pair of shin guards with aluminum strips on them because I saw that Chad Harrington had made a pair in BMX Plus. They were really heavy, but nothing was getting through those babies, haha. Joe Rich and Taj were a huge inspiration for me when I was younger. I remember Joe gave me a pair of shoes and I couldn’t believe it. Joe is still someone I look up to a great deal, as a person and a rider.

Riders that impress me now. Geoff Slattery, Randy Brown, Chase Dehart, Darryl Tocco, Garrett Byrnes, Brian Wizmerski, Garrett Reynolds, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche, Brian Foster, Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken, Corey Bohan and Randy Taylor. This list could go on forever. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I know I listed a lot of Fit and 2×4 guys, but these are seriously the people that pop into my head first when I think of people that impress me.

If you could take a trick from any rider, what would it be?

Corey Martinez’s nose wheelies.  I can’t do them and don’t think I’ll ever have the patience to figure them out.

Describe a good day.

Wake up and take my dog for a run. Go home and have breakfast with my wife. Stop by Two by Four to do a little business and make sure Dan is on top of everything. Next have lunch with my parents before going out to ride. Meet up with some friends for a session no more then an hour from home.  Ride some good spots and maybe film a solid clip or two. After a good riding session, head back to the store to find all the locals having a heavy session on the grind box. Head home for dinner with Samantha, then head to poker at AJ’s. Come home and watch and episode of the office before going to bed.

Looking forward, got any plans for the near future?

Two by Four Philadelphia and Stay Fit Premiere. Also looking forward to Wiz’s wedding. That should be a good time.

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  1. Joey says:

    Van Homan Will Save Us

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  4. chris duncan says:

    This site needs more views..

  5. ESPN Hall of fame will save this WEB Site

  6. Kevin Briggs says:

    This site needs more needs more interviews of Chris Duncan. I kid.

  7. great interview; the new template looks boss as well.

  8. Dewar says:

    Yesterday I was randomly thinking of who my top all time favorite riders were, and although I don’t consider myself a street rider, Van Homan was honestly the first name that came to my mind.

    Ever since I bought Seek and Destroy on VHS I was hooked (as an aside I’m at work 5 minutes from 2 of the street spots in his section including the cover rail pic) Van is clearly a positive role model (with the exception of never wearing safety equipment!) and is still one of the top riders in the game, no small feat.

    I hope the business aspects work out for you as well as your riding career has. As far as external hobbies go, I recommend trying golf!


  9. bt says:

    van is probably the best dude i’ve ever met, he does it right!

  10. zach wylde says:

    van is definately cool as shit but he’ll definately hit on you

  11. Eugene Wylde says:

    Well lets just say John Vandever Homan III, is quite the queer bait in the pennsville 2×4. He has the tendancies to do these weird stretches where he has his neck on his ass and it kinda scares me when he does it………beware of VAN !!! NO JOKE !!!

  12. joel says:

    van is deffenitaly chill. . watch out for his rap game though it comes out of nowhere.. o and get me for christmas this year cuz

  13. joel says:

    van is deffenitaly chill.
    watch out for his rap game though it comes out of nowhere. o and get me for christmas this year cuz

  14. DavidLang says:

    woot! great interview, and the new template looks nice

  15. Alex says:

    A true legend. All praise him!

  16. renan says:

    van homan atitude sempre vc é muito style

  17. renan says:

    van homan atitude sempre vc é muito style vem para o brazil ZL !!!

  18. matt says:

    the bomb diggidy
    love reading his interviews.

  19. b00b says:

    um, u video interview adam22 but not Van?

  20. 20G says:

    Where is the Video

  21. kyle says:

    ya, video would be nice. Adam22 is a joke and van is god. To me.

  22. scamper says:

    whether you like it or not, adam22 has a huge influence on bmx and how people view it, but either way, i’m bummed that there isn’t a video as well.

  23. Shreadington says:

    Yeah… I just heard of this site from a buddy from school who does not even ride and told me to check this out.. Whats the first thing I see? A well done and tasteful interview with the boss? New book mark for sure. The interview was awesome, the photo work here is also on point. great work, it’s about time someone did something like this.

  24. Mexican John says:

    Van Homan rules. The King of BMX!

  25. Romero says:

    Homan’s facial hair in the pics is wicked awesome. Go old guys! Remember Scum 1201 & lights out, S&M’s 44something…

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  27. jesse says:

    van u rule

  28. jesse says:

    his 2010 bike is sweet
    keep on riding van

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    stay fit section was awsome!

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    godfather of bmx

  31. Laurinda says:

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