Maserati: Design Driven


As long as I’ve known Jim Bauer, he’s always fantasized about living in some sort of industrial Batcave type minimalist bachelor residence where you could park your car in your living room. Building your Batcave out of glass and perching it on a Brentwood hillside ups the overall fantasy factor condsiderably. Jim sent me some links today which led me to the below.

Here’s the LA Times feature on Holger Schubert’s house/garage, which won an award from Maserati for being so badass. Make sure you click through all 7 pages.

Here’s another article with a video interview and a Maserati GranTurismo demonstrating.

Definitely click here to check out all of the other entries in the contest. Dude with the Mini Cooper and Piet Mondrian-inspired garage door is a standout, and entry #0197 Stephen Kanner makes up for his taste in cars with of the most stunning entries.

Thanks Jim for the link and for keeping the dream alive.

7 responses to “Maserati: Design Driven”

  1. The ramp idea is great, I wish I could park my ford pickup in my room.

  2. Red says:

    When I saw the jab at entry 0197, I knew it was going to have a lexus in the car port. Funny enough, I’m pretty sure I’ve driven by that guy’s house a few times. Really amazing.

  3. DavidLang says:

    rad post!!!
    and –
    “chubert looks forward owning an electric car, and his garage is pre-wired for a high-capacity charger and has 49 solar panels on the roof.” Dude is living in the future.

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