Take Away Shows


I just had one of my internet freak out sessions, where I spend way to much time on a site going nuts over whatever it is I’m freaking out on. Tonight it was La Blogotheques’s Take Away Shows. Some how the guys at La Blogotheque convince a band to play a few songs in a non-typical setting, like in a bathroom, the back of a car, walking down the street, etc… The music that is created is amazing and the way it is captured it as equally as stunning. The audio, especially in the newer shows, is impeccable, like Yeasayer in the subway doing a capella. The singing is captured perfectly, yet no noise from the subway. They are nearly on their 100th show and they have featured bands like Sebastien Tellier, R.E.M., Yeasayer, Bloc Party, Black Lips, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, and so many more it’s actually hard to believe. The Take Away Shows go along right next to The Selby as one of my favorite things on the internet… Amazing original content presented in a really fresh way and they both really give you a look into peoples lives… Both totally different, but somehow very similar.

My brother turned me on to The Take Away Shows by showing me the recent video with the Fleet Foxes. Filmed in an abandoned wing of the Grand Palais, this show has some amazing visuals and I couldn’t help but to take a bunch of stills from the edit. Check out the Fleet Foxes after the jump and put some time aside to dig through the amazing archives.







Check out all the Take Away Shows here.

10 responses to “Take Away Shows”

  1. pfft says:

    old news.

  2. ssb23 says:

    cool stuff
    i love the breath powered keyboard

  3. http://blackcabsessions.com is pretty good as well, in a similar vein.

  4. NoƩ BERTON says:

    thanks for this mate really good

  5. Gaz says:

    I’m a big fan of these, the Yeasayer and Animal Collective ones really stand out for me.

  6. hides says:

    ive watched fleet foxes’ edit countless of times and has never gotten sick of it.blogotheque guys are amazzzinngggggggg

  7. dave says:

    the sufjan one on the roof is awesome sauce.

  8. jeff says:

    Vincent Moon has quietly become one of the best music video directors

  9. James says:

    The “breath powered keyboard” is called a melodica.

  10. Kieran says:

    And this is an investment risk value taking.