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Shawn Stussy Honeyee

There is a great interview on Honeyee with the one and only Shawn Stussy. It’s the first interview that I’ve actually seen in English on Honeyee and I’m excited because hopefully this is the beginning to more features in English. There was also another amazing Shawn Stussy post on Juxtapose with a nice photographic look inside his studio.

Check out the Honeyee feature here and keep reading to check out a few photos from the Juxtapose feature that you can see in full here!

Stussy writing




3 responses to “Shawn Stussy”

  1. Ardelean says:

    Pretty cool to learn some new things about him; he seems pretty under the radar normally. I stayed on his blog for quite a while! I hope I’m that cool at that age.

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