Nike 6.0 Bring It Together

Garrett Reynolds Nike 6.0 BMX Clothing

Nike 6.0 has two new commercials, featuring Garrett Reynolds and Nigel Sylvester, that ran on NBC and FuelTV during the Portland Dew Tour. They are both for the 6.0 Clothing campaign and go along with the photographs by Todd Selby that we got a preview of a few weeks back. The spots were created by Sandy Montana and Adam Long, who worked on a bunch of the motion graphics in the Nike’s Writing On The Wall video.

You can check out both of the commercials after the jump along with a few questions with the producer, Colin Brown, about the concept, filming and the whole duel screen effects.

What was the concept behind the Bring it Together spots?
Nike 6.0 wanted to merge action and lifestyle, with an emphasis on the 6.0 apparel. Bring it Together is about visually depicting this duality. We wanted to show how the 6.0 athletes seamlessly blend those two virtues by putting them both on the screen at the same time. For the viewer, it means getting to know their favorite athlete while watching great action photography simultaneously.

Logistically how did you film the Bring it Together spots?
The BIT campaign was a really technical production. We used a combination of motion control cinematography, digital compositing, and photo doubles to achieve the illusion of a single Nike 6.0 athlete being in multiple places at once. We wanted to drive home the realism of the effect by making the camerawork feel hand-held and organic. It made the treatment more difficult to execute, but it also elevated the impact of what the viewer experiences.

What was the most difficult part of creating the spots?
Time definitely wasn’t on our side for this production. Since we needed to shoot two plates for every frame you see on the screen, it basically meant we had to shoot twice as much footage as you’d imagine. Luckily, the athletes were all super pro and gave us great stuff to work with in very few takes. So, it worked out.

11 responses to “Nike 6.0 Bring It Together”

  1. these are pretty amazing pieces of cinematography.

  2. todd templeman says:

    Todd Selby

  3. Alex says:

    Damn. Quality commercial right there!

  4. Harrison says:

    thanks todd, todd not tom…

  5. DavidLang says:

    Really nice to see footage of BMX this high quality..

  6. Kyle says:

    More companies should be making quality commercials/videos like this.

  7. HHX says:

    nice! tell name of the songs please…

  8. jkrantz says:

    If they are going to put all that money into a commercial, they need to teach Garrett how to annunciate.

  9. Mark says:

    It’s slightly disappointing that yet more companies involved with BMX are over-looking the wealth of amazing photographers and filmers there are within BMX to choose someone from another industry to do their media work for them…

  10. Patrick says:

    Yeah sorry but these are really not cool. Super cheesy and tacky rubbish. Why does skateboarding [SB] get good art direction and products and bmx [6.0] get bollocks?

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