Mike Hoder

Mike Hoder

Mike Hoder has a new video on the Lotek site as well as a new signature edition of the Mike Slims that are apparently beefed up for jumping down huge things. Check out the shoe after the jump and you can watch the video on the Lotek site.


13 responses to “Mike Hoder”

  1. BMxers are the new gays…..like 1984

    Think about it…were stopped from riding any whear and the whole kink ream has to resort to a gay bath house in Japan! Seriously look at the back of the new ride and tell me that aint all homo!
    Reply or call today…415 233 3741

  2. atb says:

    Hoder rules!

  3. tom says:

    mike hoder smokes meth…. seriously look at those teeth

  4. Sigurd says:

    Goddamit I love you Mike! haha

  5. Red says:

    That gay bath was in Taiwan, actually.

  6. Mark says:

    Pretty disappointing Chris Duncan’s reach extends here…

    First Lotek shoe I’ve seen that’s been an imitation of a competitor’s shoe that does actually look better than the authentic one. Feeling it!

  7. that mike hoder video is raw son! word is bond, crazy shots just went the fuck off

  8. on some real shit says:

    i dont see how the minds behind lotek can sleep at night knowing they’re making vans knockoffs. seriously, whats not vans about that shit up there? shits look like boat shoes. you used to have the illest kicks in the game, lotek…and now look atcha.

  9. S P O N S R E D…… CDC sponsors every thing.,,,,,I don’t press peoples buttons I press the trigger on the mouse button!

  10. tony says:

    somehow hoder manages to be the laughing stock of bmx and its savior. god i love him.

  11. Brad says:

    that was fucking awesome but what a way to waste footage on a silly web video…

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