Matty Long Exclusive

Matty Long hit us up with an awesome exclusive edit put together by his brother Chris Long.
Click play and enjoy!

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edited by

34 responses to “Matty Long Exclusive”

  1. pretty much amazing, especially that last shot

    thanks for the vid

  2. Chris Long says:

    Shit is fire!!! thanks for everything guys!!

  3. Big Al says:

    Hell yeah matty sick riding!!
    And chris sick filming and editing!!

  4. Chris Saunders says:

    <3 matty long

  5. Tom Arkus says:

    Great riding matty is really good! I loved is video interview from a while back. But why is the footage so choppy in this exclusive?

  6. Ryan Senechal says:


  7. Mike Rendaz says:

    Killer edit.
    …but why use this player?

    You can’t rewind through any of it or use the “like” feature that Vimeo offers…

  8. nick says:

    …because it’s “exclusive”

  9. nick says:

    and Where the Wild things Are attacks BMX again?

  10. .i. says:

    it’s amazing! name of the song please! =)

  11. yo says:

    where ever spike jones is, he just twitched a little bit. it the arcade fire -wake up.

  12. south bay dre says:

    way legit!!!!

  13. Alex says:

    Bang a rangs shreddin but why was the video quality not up to par?

  14. joe m says:

    Amazing riding, you make things look effortless.

  15. Chris Long says:

    It was the last of our sd footage… everything is hd now..

  16. DavidLang says:

    Rad riding, but I’m really not feeling this video player thing. The lack of control is actually pretty annoying, and not having a time line is frustrating.

  17. tyrone leslie says:

    yea i was there that nite took a while and some falls but all in all awsome shit bro keep up the shredding

  18. Martymart says:

    Loved the player, people should calm down and enjoy, not skip or rewind!

  19. Ross Hensley says:

    I was going to watch that banger at least 2 more times, but I couldnt find a rewind. Meh.

  20. nicklas says:

    this edit is sick !

  21. Noir says:

    I couldn’t view it…

  22. Harrison says:

    hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I’m with you on the rewind option, so i changed the settings around a bit. i love the way the video looks with only the play button, but after thinking about it, i realized how much i rewind stuff and how it sucks to not have it…

  23. Randy says:

    Damn, boy is killer!! really siked on this one

  24. Hector Estrada says:

    Your Done Riding You Killed It Bro

  25. leo says:

    matty is too good!
    what bars dose he use glams?

  26. West Coast says:

    sum company needs to sponsor this kid

  27. matty long says:


  28. krusty says:

    so dope. that scene was on.

  29. Danny says:

    alot of these shots are gross. kinda looks like the filmer has a nice camera and shit but has no idea how to use it

  30. ethan says:

    sweet edit

    arcade fire are also sweet

  31. nathan rocas says:

    love how people sit around and watch rather then just hitting up defgrip haha

  32. Rodney says:

    Now it is time to pick your particular investments.

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