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“Everyone loves a surprise, so it was a pretty good start to the day when I arrived at the usual meeting point to find a bunch of my friends from Project5 were in town for a ride. I first met Gez at one of P5’s street jams here in the UK – I’d heard rumours about ridiculous half-cabs and assorted other tricks from previous jams, so it was good to meet Gez and not only witness some incredible riding first hand but to also find out he’s a sound guy. This was the first time I’d had a chance to ride with Gez outside of those jams, and it was good to see he’s not scared of dropping hammers when it’s just a ride with some friends instead of a crowd of hundreds of riders.

Although from a photographic point of view this is a pretty straight-forward shot (just using natural lighting and a long lens), the setup was pretty tech – this spot’s generally a bust, and we knew we had to buy some time for Gez to get the trick done. We split into two groups, with one group providing a decoy for security while Gez and the media circus got the job done. After a few near-death experiences, Gez pulled it clean, and Pete got it on tape for the next Newcastle scene DVD. Teamwork!”

Mark Westlake

6 responses to “MARK WESTLAKE @ RANDOM”

  1. H Man says:

    very nice photo Mr Westlake, love this shot. Props to Gez too for pulling it!

    H Man

  2. Mark says:

    Oh, and Flickr –

    Thanks Nuno!

  3. Alex says:

    Technical shreddin. Awesome shit!

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