Lamborghini Miura


Ever since Mike posted the article about the Maserati garage contest the other day, I’ve been spending a bit of time googling old sports cars. The Ferrari 512 BBi that was parked in the garage got me going and after googling around for some images of a 1950 Abarth 205 Vignale Berlinetta, I came across an amazing photo of the 205 on a site called The Chicane which had a post featuring an episode of Top Gear about the Lamborghini Miura.

My level of car knowledge is pretty low compared to some people I know, but I love cars and really appreciate the design and engineering aspect that goes into them. What sparked this post was the design history of the Miura that was covered in the Top Gear episode. Apparently the Miura, which was designed in 1966 is credited to be the beginning of the modern super car and Marcello Gandini, who designed the body, was only 22! The engineers who worked on the car were also in their 20’s… I love hearing stories about people who at such young ages create defining pieces of design and it gets me thinking what would happen if more young people were given creative freedom on high profile projects. It also gets me thinking about how many young people have designed very innovative projects and we just don’t know about their age…

Check out the full segment of Top Gear after the jump –

6 responses to “Lamborghini Miura”

  1. Going from the Miura to the Countach was a crime.

  2. Cars says: has a really good video on the miura he owns.

  3. shithawk1 says:

    italian job opening sequence. miura through a tunnel into a mafia controlled digger, to over a cliff, explosion. quincy jones score.

  4. sergio ruiz says:

    nice job

  5. joeya says:

    easily one of the most beautiful automobiles ever built

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