This was a good way to start the day. Too funny.

Thanks to my boy Shady for the link.

6 responses to “IT’S ALL ABOUT PERFORMANCE…”

  1. smoovebert says:

    dammit you beat me to it

  2. BMxers are the new gays… 1984

    Think about it…were stopped from riding any whear and the whole kink ream has to resort to a gay bath house in Japan! Seriously look at the back of the new ride and tell me that aint all homo!
    Reply or call today…415 233 3741

  3. jhonny says:

    this guy look more gay than any hypster,with is chicken legs he can t surely go fast,that why he need this gay bikes.
    it s creazy how poeple don t seee how ridiculous they are the one you criticize,it s so true on that video.keep going man

  4. max says:

    Who oh why does he have to be wearing an Australian jersey… dont put that gayness on us!! 🙁

  5. says:

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