Dew Aquarium


Nemo, FuelTV and DewUnderground are rolling through Portland skateparks doing Voodew drops to help promote the the Dew Underground Portland Show, being filmed during the Portland Dew Tour Stop 8/13-8/16.The show will air on August 24th 2009 on FuelTV. VooDoo Doughnut, an amazing doughnut spot in Portland, created a Dew Doughnut, Nemo created the Bug Aquarium, filled with 325 gallons of “Dew” and it’s being moved daily throughout Portland from now ’till the kick off of the Dew Tour. If fans spot the car, they can snap their pic and send it to NemoHQ (via Twitter) for a chance to win tickets to Saturday’s events (8/15).

Check NemoHQ twitters daily the location of the car and location of the Voodew drops and keep reading to check out some more photos of the bug! P.S. is that a Verde on the top?




7 responses to “Dew Aquarium”

  1. patrick says:

    So what?! Is this a copy and pasted press release?

    Seriously guys Defgrip is good and all but it’s been off the boil for a while with too little real bmx; please avoid jumping any sharks.

  2. ryanB says:

    Yeah, that’s the new 2010 Vex atop the car.
    Patrick- I like Defgrip for providing original content, not just reposting news that you’ll find on every other BMX site. Sometimes its interesting, and sometimes not. That’s just my take…

  3. The basic thing here on this site that makes the owners bitches is that they have not posted any CDC shit. Even though its live!
    This is not 1999 and def grip isnt bmx plus……..Get dicks

  4. mimo says:

    it kind of looks like a bug full of wee. great..

  5. Sweet pictures by Kari Rowe! Going all out with the stobe!

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