Even though this will be everywhere, it’s too good not to post.

8 responses to “DAN LACEY/LOTEK EDIT”

  1. Zach says:

    daaaamn, song?

  2. logan says:

    when did tucks and threes to flat get so trendy? and when will bikes get back to flow away from skate lines? hmm…

  3. cleon says:

    skate lines? you are extremely foolish..

  4. logan says:

    stair gaps? rooftop to flat? this is a skate video on a bike

  5. cleon says:

    just diggin’ your grave deeper..

    Well.. sorry all you fellow riders! soon rails, ledges, street, and skateparks in general will be bmx portraying “skate” videos…

    might aswell call it a skate/snowboard/inline skate/scooter/mtn bike video then..

    you’re still foolish..

  6. bobby says:

    logan, you ARE pretty foolish.

    1. skating is a bit steezier and “cooler” than bmx.
    2. there’s no such thing as a skate line.
    420. ride ur bike and do whats good

  7. Lorrie says:

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