Verde 2010 Completes


Check out a first had look at the 2010 Verde Complete line of bikes!









34 responses to “Verde 2010 Completes”

  1. alex says:

    these bikes are so sick, i want the new radia in black!

  2. Johnson Bronson says:

    This line is amazing! I love the look and will wait for prices but as a shop owner, I’m loving the idea of selling lots of these this year. No one does it better than Verde in 2009 or 2010 that I can see.

  3. RF says:


  4. verde rider says:

    pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls verde put different wheels on your bikes and ill buy it is there a difference between the 09 radia and the 10 besides colors????????????????????

  5. Johnson Bronson says:

    I’ve sold dozens of verdes in my shop and the cinema rim spec they us on their wheels is great. I find their doublewalls to be better than demolition aftermarket rims. The vex had some rim problems before but they weren’t cinema and if guys are expecting singlewall rims to do as much as doublewall aftermarket rims, then pay more for the higher spec. I’ll sell them to ya!

  6. verde rider says:

    im not lookin for two double walls just one and ya id b willing

  7. verde rider says:

    i had the 09 vex thas prolly why i was having rim/front hub problems

  8. fro says:

    nice jarb over thar at Verde fella’s

  9. Albert says:

    The luxe and the chrome looking Radia (not chrome, but I´m not sure what to call it) look really nice. I can´t wait for prices. I´m thinking I´ll get the luxe.

  10. Lou says:

    Radia is a Full Chrome Plated Frame, Fork and Bar.

    Difference between 09 and 10 Radia is Full Chromoly Frame, Fully sealed front and rear hubs and now with removable brake mounts.

    Prices will follow soon be on the look out!

    Lou @ Greenhouse

  11. verde rider says:

    the modus?? where is she

  12. Will-Yumm says:

    i love you

  13. bub says:

    Chrome will take you home, but tanwalls will give you man balls.

  14. Albert says:

    Shadow made it not look like chrome. Baller shit though.

  15. rob says:

    does the luxe have oddy twombolts stock?????

  16. Muth says:

    Yes Rob, stock Twombolts.

  17. mig says:

    the EON is for beginners the vex its a higher lever(very good bike) the radia is a great bike the theory is good as well the luke and modus(not on here) are even better great job verde

  18. frank says:

    fucking crome radia is so sexi i just came in my pants

  19. frank says:

    they diched the modus

  20. max says:

    where do you get an 09 or 10 radia?

  21. Z man says:


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  25. andrew bmx says:

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  28. Rory says:

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  29. Cory says:

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