Omar sent through a sneak peek at the upcoming Animal Winter line, which should be available around mid August. Believe me, there is more where this came from and you can catch the rest when the new Animal site goes live in about a week or so.

You can click on the pics for a bigger version.

Command Jacket

Hidden Agenda Shirt

Hidden Agenda Shirt

Letterman Hood

Moves Beanie

Nostrand Hoody

Swagger Sweater

Blocked Hood

Tactical Buttondown

22 responses to “SNEAK PEEK: ANIMAL WINTER 09”

  1. br0wn says:

    the command and letterman jackets are fuckin sexy

  2. Alex says:

    Damn this is some stylish shit!

  3. Max says:


  4. Didn’t Animal used to make bike parts or something?

  5. Sean Zubek says:

    Sweet jacket…

  6. Earl says:

    letterman hood is so sick, definitely picky one of those up
    i have mixed feelings about the commander jacket though
    i think that model is giving me weird vibes

  7. DavidLang says:

    damn. Animal is killing it

  8. 20Twenty says:

    Hope we get this in the UK!?

  9. Bob Scerbo says:

    Our Animal shit is the dopest shit out. Animal is real street shit. we are the first real street riders. My man Edwin D. is the pioneer of the hardcore street riding with no brakes. I feel as though alot of riders are dickeatin off him and mike aitken more than anyone else. Now its a mixture of no brakes and tight pants. and you have to do tailwhips and barspins all the time. or if your scotty cranmer you gotta do a whole bunch of dave mirra shit in one trick. Chase D be gettin it in too. Animal BMX early my niggas. we got that hard out too for all ya’ll super snortin white bulls and shit. wun

  10. nico says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah ……………………..get a life

  11. Bpiff says:

    Animal allday !!!

  12. Scott Cranmer says:

    Bob, you’re an idiot!
    You’re just pissed i earn more than you

  13. bob scerbo says:

    this is actually bob and i didnt write that post although it was very funny.

  14. Dave Mirra says:

    It’s nice to see that this is whats come of BMX. Fags in tight pants doing flair to tiretap to tailwhip to tailtap to barspin all the damn time talking shit on us true pioneers. Yeah go do a rail or a curved wall but can you win 16 X games Titles? you guys are pathetic. fuckin no brakes? You need brakes mufucka. How you posed to stop?

  15. Pete says:

    Hey Scotty I have a question for you? Is it really about the money? Your a fucking Bmxer bra. Your not helping people or saving lives or starting a foundation for troubled youth. Your just a fuck! and nobody likes your riding. no fucking style bra! You do too many tricks in one trick. That dont even sound right. Damn my niggas be riding and they broke as shit. they be totin them ratchets though. fuck all you suburban fucks. Animal is real street shit. fuck ya moms nigga

  16. Nunzio from da bottom says:

    Animal has really come a long way with their apparel. Starting out as strictly BMX shirts they have moved on to using more complex cutting and sewing patterns and also producing apparel that is setting a path for bmx to start taking their clothing lines more seriously. Also, I would have to agree with pete that cranmer does too much in one trick. We just would like to see a stylish trick doen right. maybe a cool turndown or 360. It doesnt have to be video game stunts to be pleasing to watch and also perform. Thanks again to the fellas at Animal.

  17. MIssionBMX says:

    I remember when all the comments on Defgrip used to be positive….. I hope they don’t become like TCU…..

    Softgoods look awesome… about time someone went this direction in BMX.

  18. Paul says:

    The new animal winter line is impressive. I especially like the swagger sweater and the tactical button down shirt. Animal is doing really well and that’ll never change. Also, I was reading some of these other comments and I do agree that the negativity isn’t cool or funny. We ride bikes and enjoy it. I was just thrown off by Scotty Cranmers comment to Bob Scerbo that he earns more. How do you know how much my man Bob makes. He could do other things to earn money. I loved all his parts in all the animal vids and lotek vids. I wish I could ride with you one day, Bob. You seem cool as shit and you kill it on your bike. Your 360s are dialed, your hops are crazy and your part in the first animal vid is my shit especially with Teenage riot. I grew up on animal and started riding when that video came out. It inspired me a whole lot. Thanks for being there, everyone at Animal. And yeah scotty cranmer is pretty good but I’d rather watch my man Bob ride any day.

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