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Mutiny is working on a new DVD and we hit them up with an exclusive interview about the new project titled “Let’s Get Mystical”. Check out the interview with a bunch of amazing photos as well as links to the new trailer after the jump!!

Photo: George Marshall

So, you guys have been (semi) secretly making a new video and releasing it quickly. Why did you take this approach?

Gaz: This projected started out with the idea we were going to go on the NW trip last year and make an online video. When Joe and I were watching the footage from that trip we both realized we wanted to focus on a DVD release. We had already done a few online projects and just wanted to make something people can see on a TV.

Once we had decided we were going to work on a DVD we thought it would be a different approach to wait till the DVD was done before making an official announcement. We all know how video projects usually never make the deadlines.

Photo: George Marshall

Photo: George Marshall

Do you think too much prolonged hype can kill a video? Is it safe to assume this factored in to your current strategy?

Gaz: I don’t think there is anything wrong with hyping up a video, it’s a lot of work to make one and of course you want to shout it from the roof tops; Hey check this out. The problem comes when the video doesn’t come out when it’s meant to and people build up in their minds to something it can never live up to.

Photo: Hanson Little

What will the video be called and how did you come up with the name?

Gaz: The video is called; Let’s Get Mystical. It actually started out as an idea for a sticker that Caleb designed; I opened up the preview, saw it and it just clicked. If people know our team, they know we got quite a cast of characters, that I think Mystical is quite a apt term for our crew.

Photo: Hanson Little

Where have you guys traveled to acquire footage?

Gaz: As I said we started with a visit up to the NW. We also had the team come visit us in Texas over the last 12 months, Joe flew up to shoot with Robbo in PA, Justin went to LA with George, we took a trip to the UK and the last trip that just happened was up to Chicago and Milwaukee.

Photo: Hanson Little

Photo: Hanson Little

Who can we expect to see in the video? Any new additions?

Gaz: The video features pretty much our whole crew; Josh Bedford, Brandon Hoerres, Hanson Little, Matt Roe, Justin Simpson, Ryan Smith, Randy Taylor, George Boyd, Robbo, Andy Martinez, Deven Ferrer and few more of the crew.

Photo: Joe Simon

You guys have a good rep for producing clean high quality edits. Can we expect the same style, or have you guys tried to tweak this a little?

Joe: I’m always striving to take things to the next level. You just can’t keep doing the same thing or you’ll bore yourself and your audience. This film is going to be a bit different than SOBP or the Spring Web ’08 video. I’ve taken a mix of that style and blended in a little organic to create the look of LGM.

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Did you guys use any new equipment from previous videos/edits?

I’m always picking up new gear to shoot with. As most know I shoot a lot of weddings so I’m primarily buying it for those gigs, but it’s real nice that it can spill over to the BMX side of things. We used the Canon 5D MK II for a lot of the chilling footage of the video, it’s just an amazing camera. Also we’ve have been shooting a lot with the Glidetrack and Glidecam 4000 Pro HD.

Something we did very differently in this film was to actually shoot film. I shot both 16mm and Super 8mm. I used the Canon 814XLS for the Super 8 and the Scoopic MS for the 16mm. The really cool thing is that we had all the film transferred to HD so it mixes seamlessly with the HVX footage. The film is some of the best stuff I’ve ever shot, it’s just so beautiful (yes I know that sounds gay, I’m just a camera nerd)!

Photo: Leon Stimpson

Could you give us a list of all the gear you used for filming?

Joe: Oh boy this will be interesting…….. Here goes nothing –

Cameras –
Panasonic HVX-200
Panasonic HMC150
Canon XHA1
Canon 5DMKII
Canon HV20
Canon 814XLS
Canon Scoopic MS

Lenses –
Century fisheye HVX, XHA1
5D lenses – 15mm, 16-35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm

Film Stocks –
Kodak – 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 Vision 3
Fuji Velvia 50

Camera Support –
Cinevate Pegasus Linear Tracking System
Cinevate Brevis 35 adaptor
Cinevate carbon rails
Glidecam 4000 Pro HD
Manfrotto triopd
Kessler 8′ crane
Ikan HD monitor
Audio Technica 4073a shotgun mic
Rode Video mic

I guess that wasn’t too bad.

Photo: Walter Pieringer

Photo: Leon Stimpson

You definitely have a lot of gear… Do you think it’s important for kids starting out to have good equipment, or do you think they should focus on ideas and creativity first?

Joe: I like to shoot with the best gear I can get my hands on, but it’s not necessary to make a good edit. I started with a shitty digital 8 camera shooting for Mutiny’s American Scream back in 1999, haha that was good times. (Oh dam, guess this is a 10 year anniversary film!)

Story is king! You can use whatever you have and if you can shoot well and create a good story/edit, your equipment won’t matter. I think the biggest problem I see with online edits is the lack of camera control. Exposure, white balance control and steady hands can go a long way. If you can nail these, be creative with the camera you have and are a good editor you will make a great video!

Photo: Walter Pieringer

Photo: Walter Pieringer

Any headaches while traveling/filming?

Joe: Traveling with camera gear is always a headache. Going through the security at the airport is a guaranteed search every time. But really besides that it went pretty smoothly.

Randy almost didn’t make it into England because the security lady was being a jerk, but we talked our way through that one. Also when we crossed over into Canada they pulled our sketchy “rent-a-wreck” van in the search area, we had to wait inside for a few minutes then the guy behind the counter said hey “hey you guys are BMXers, just let them through”. It was pretty sweet, no search!

Photo: Walter Pieringer

Photo: Walter Pieringer

Do you feel like you run into the same challenges on all the videos you produce, or do you encounter new challenges on each project?

Gaz: One issue for us has been having the team spread out all over the place and Joe filming the entire thing. Obviously guys like Hanson, Randy and Ryan all have it a lot easier to film with Joe as we all live near by. Where as the other guys that don’t live as close are never going to have the same chance to clock as much footage. So we decided to show each trip and tell that story rather than focus on specific rider parts.

Photo: Walter Pieringer

This project will be released on DVD right? Why did you chose to produce a DVD over releasing in online? And How have your past online release gone over?

Gaz: It’s been almost 2 years since SOBP, I think web videos are awesome but it’s nice to focus on a proper release. Just something you can put with your DVD collection and watch on a big screen with the bros. The internet has a lot to say period, we’ve been happy with the response to our web videos and Joe recently won a tele award for the 08 web video we put out.

Photo: Leon Stimpson

If you had an unlimited budget and you could focus 100% of your time on producing a video over a six month period that would be released any way you desire, what would you do?

Wow, that’s a tough one. Six months is short……. I would probably shoot it all on film, super 16, and throw in some IMAX footage for some epic shots. It would be so awesome! Definitely would do an HD transfer and release it on Blu-ray, that would be so sick!

Photo: Joe Simon

When will the video be available?

Gaz: We are doing a premiere in Austin on the 29th of August and a yet to be confirmed premiere in the UK. The video will be available mid September.

What’s next after this project?

Gaz: Joe wants some time to ride, so he’s taking the winter off to do that. Then we have some plans for web projects in 2010. Just more team trips, it’s so fun having the crew together.

Click here to watch the Mutiny Let’s Get Mystical Trailer!!

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    Cant wait for this new one.

    *(Joe sent me a free SOBP after the first one kept skipping/hanging and I’m eternaly greatfull for the awesome service)

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    It was either explosions or mogwai i’d say

  13. Joe Simon says:

    Song is “Moksha” By Caspian. Thanks for checking out the tailer!

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    woooooow cant wait to see the whole video, hope there’s footage of people riding the crazy half pipe out the back of sheffield ” oh the memories” tf

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    Amazing video!
    I’d really like to have a complete list of soundtracks used in the film. Can’t remember where in the movie the song i’m looking for occures.
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