Marko Knezevic @ Random



I got this photo of Josh Betley doing a barspin onto a bank to hop back again which only took two tries. It happens to be the same bank that Denis Enarson tailwhipped down in the Nike video. Strangely enough this bank is also less than half a mile from my house. It’s a place for huge bangers and simple fun tricks as well, the spot has a lot to offer.

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4 responses to “Marko Knezevic @ Random”

  1. sorry it took me two tries to get the photo, josh did them perfectly both times haha.

  2. LOE LIFE says:

    making josh work so hard marko.. such pestilence..

  3. kyle stark says:

    foreigners can’t shoot barspins. a hee hee

  4. Troy says:

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