IPath BMX at Woodward


A few weeks ago the IPath skate team visited Woodward West, and invited some riders from the IPath BMX team to come along. IPath BMX riders Jim Bauer and Andrew Jackson joined them for a day and the skate TM Dave Smith took some flicks and a video, which you may have already seen on YouTube.

Click below to see the photos and here for the video.






10 responses to “IPath BMX at Woodward”

  1. matt smith says:

    what trick is that last pic? turndown or xup?

  2. Jim says:

    Hahaha. I ask that of myself.

  3. smoovebert says:

    that x-down or whatever that is–it’s sick.

  4. smoovebert says:

    duh, i should read the comments before i post one.

  5. Alex says:

    Gnar bar tweakdown

  6. kenyn says:

    this edit is not going to make me want a pair of their shoes. The TM should consider all the really good riders out there who would wear the shoe for free, kill to go to Woodward and put in more work riding, then his buddies. Andrew and Jim are good but…

  7. Albert says:

    @kenyn, I don’t think this is about selling shoes as much as it is IPath’s TM inviting a couple guys he knew out to chill with the team. Though that did pop into my head. Did Jim get a new shoe sponsor after Beloe folded?

  8. Ardelean says:

    I updated the post to to be a little more clear as to Jim’s and Andrew’s roles at IPath.

  9. Eldon says:

    Buyers do pay direct and indirect prices.