Get Shot By The Sartorialist


I’m sure I don’t speak for my self when I say that the Sartorialist is one of my favorite fashion/photography websites. If you don’t know, The Satorialist (Scott Shuman) travels the world photographing people with great style. Yesterday Refinery 29 put together a pretty humorous “Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist”.

Check out the complete guide after the jump! how-to-get-shot-by-sartorialist-4how-to-get-shot-by-sartorialist-5

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  2. Albert says:

    Bait the area where you’re standing by hiding a boom box playing Grizzly Bear or something of the sort. You’ll be sniffed out immediatly. Get rid of the other hipsters by plantingsome tourists near you. Not real tourists, though. Your fake tourists will not respond to contemptuous stares from hipsters. The hipsters will explode in response.