Get It Flat Jam

get it flat bmx jam photos

Team Shralp threw a jam over the fourth of July weekend in front of Goods BMX owner, Shad Johnson’s house in Portland, OR. They built two eight foot quarter pipes threw them up against the house and went at it. Team Shralp just posted a rad flipbook/magazine thing with a bunch of photos from the jam.

Check out the photos here.

6 responses to “Get It Flat Jam”

  1. s.bros says:

    Nice…stair gap’n is rad

  2. bdubbs says:

    Bristol’s 5’s are the best!

  3. YOUR-INN.COM says:

    Ill try to post up some more pics I got tonight hopefully!

  4. souney says:

    A few more shots here I posted on Friday from the half hour or so I was able to hit the jam. Set up was wild:

    Wish I could have stayed longer. It was rad.

  5. Alex says:

    Jam looked awesome, Dean Burrito!

  6. Buford says:

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