Andalucia Part Three from FoxHeadInc on Vimeo.

Check out the 3rd Andalucia edit. Can’t beat some slow-mo trail footage, especially with Chase Hawk. This is awesome.

10 responses to “FOX ANDALUCIA EDIT #3”

  1. fybcorp says:

    That was soooooo good. The whole series has been an absolute treat. They managed to convey how I feel BMX should be;chill, good times with friends travelling to somewhere you don’t go too often.
    Only thing it needed was more Joe Rich, give someone else the camera dude!

  2. that was great, that was like a motocross jump lol.

  3. s.bros says:

    Spectacular. Lacing the vid with that Pelican track nailed it.

  4. matt smith says:

    that was soo good, wow

  5. Paulo Martins >30Kr says:

    Simple, clean, keeping it real…

  6. Ryan says:

    I don’t know who did the reflection on the FOX logo in the beginning,
    but woah bro.
    Second, I have no idea how Chase’s STAYFIT part is going to be better than this… Amazing.

  7. Paddy Gross says:

    this is the pure picture of bmx! everything comes together like bmx, harmony, style, friends and life. wow i am amazed seing some expression of smoothness between all the stuntshows in bmx these days. ok i am going to watch this another time, it´s too good!

  8. Joanne says:

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