Defgrip Hats!


It’s been a little while since we have done any sort of clothing, so we decided to do a limited run of Defgrip snapback hats! They are snapback, so one size should fit all, and they only come in gray.

They are very limited (only 30) and there will be no more made, so once they’re out they’re out!

Get yours before they’re all gone!

$24.95 domestic / $29.95 International (shipping included)

To order yours click the jump!

Sold Out!

14 responses to “Defgrip Hats!”

  1. Christopher King says:

    I bought a hat! hahaha! thanks andrew! its gonna b so fucking RAD wearing that! ah man i feel so cool!

  2. atb says:

    do a trucker hat with just the grip

  3. i think a trucker hat with just the grip would be cool, i would most definitely get one, make em in purple :]

  4. Carl says:

    ^^^ Agreed. A black mesh with a white crown with the Defgrip logo (ok, maybe not purple, but maybe so) on one side and leaving the other side plain. That would be sweet!!!

  5. Kyle says:

    Agreed. This hat is nice, but the grip logo would’ve been amazing.

  6. zaid says:

    i’ve made a payment(international order) but no response yet….:[

  7. I wanted to thank everyone for the orders so far! they’re selling out very quicky! only 15 left!! Since they are selling so quick I am going to make the first ship date this Thursday, July 9th.

    Thanks again everyone!


  8. chris says:

    wow look at those hats! makes me want to start golfing or something..

  9. Matt says:

    i’m a 7 5/8 new era. will it fit nice or look shit. You know what i mean. email me if u can

  10. Alex says:

    could be less boring

  11. Matt, I need an email address to email you, let me know!


  12. ali says:

    got mine in the post today. All the way to scotland in no time at all; stoked. I was hoping for some defgrip sticker though…oh well! Amazing hat.

  13. zaid says:

    got mine today but it looks dirty inside. looks like it has been worn before. i dunno.

    hope next product will be much better.

  14. says:

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