YES!! This song made my day. Total breath of fresh air. Death of Auto-Tune by Jay-Z.

It’s about time someone stood up against this auto-tune bullshit.

Via – NahRight

16 responses to “YOU T-PAIN’N TOO MUCH!!!!”

  1. Alex says:

    Damn that was good. T-Pain got worked on that one.

  2. Nuno says:

    I don’t think that was a T-Pain diss. its probably directed at everyone else who keeps using it.

  3. logan says:

    finally some one buries the t-pain trend

  4. Ryan C. says:

    You can’t hate on the autotune that much… California Love – Tupac w/ Dr. Dre, anyone? It sucks when old timers get hurt, all over a new generation showing them up with sales/hits.

    Let B make some more commercials J, it’s the only way you’ll get paid.

  5. fro says:

    ‘robot voice robot voice everybody listen to my robot voice’. from T Pain to Kanye…

  6. Red says:

    The only reason the new generation tops the old timers in sales is because the millennial generation is the biggest demographic since the baby boomers. Call it hate, “you’re just jealous”, etc, but it’s basically in the numbers. It’s like playing darts with a dart board the size of a swimming pool.

  7. Nuno says:

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure California Love (which is dope) was NOT auto-tune. I don’t think the unit was available yet. I think its one of those things where you put tube thing in your mouth or something similar.

  8. Red says:

    Yeah, it was a vocoder. I think it was even Roger from Zapp! that performed those vocals on that song, but I could be wrong. If it was him, it was a dude who was making those sounds long before Autotune.

  9. JoshClancy says:

    “his song sucks and reeks of the worst kind of opportunism

    how are you going to shout out wayne and jeezy on a track called the death of autotune after put on and the last two years of wayne’s career

    or kanye for that matter

    how are you going to take a shot at t-pain when your radio single is going to have drake on it

    he’s walking on such thin ice here and making such an irritating, lowest common denominator overture towards pop culture relevance”

  10. JoshClancy says:

    He just sounds like a grumpy old dude… Street singles from a dude like Jay should be way bigger than this.

  11. shuturmum says:

    maybe it would have been effective if auto tune wasnt already passe

  12. Ryan C. says:

    I thought he was ”retired” anyways?

  13. mikey bro says:

    hahahaaaa dope as,, auto tune bein drilled lately! t pain killed that jizzle

  14. scott says:

    He didnt actually stand up against autotune.

    Strange he had so much to say since one of the very people to exhaust the auto-tune has been his boy KANYE….
    and after berating TPAIN for the use of autotune in his song he makes a very “politricky” retraction when T-pain kjumps on the stage to support him (or whatever)

    His comments amount to “Its fine for someone making me money (read: down with me) to abuse auto-tune ..but u other little punks better not.”…
    yada yada yada. yackety schmaketty.

    blueprint 3?
    please ….
    more like chinese knockoff.

  15. says:

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