Tony Neyer hooks up some random iPhone photos. Click below to check them out.

Catfish came to Cali a few weeks back, so we decided to go visit Zack Warden at Magic Mountain. While in line for one of the best rides I’ve ever been on (x2), we met two lovely ladies who enjoyed our cotton candy and took a stricking poses with us. Haha.

While coming back to California, I was able to enjoy a ride back with this love lady named Shelly. Shelly enjoys long naps, Will Smith, and half of my seat for four hours.

One night when I was back in Cincinnati, I was getting wild with these lazer pointers from China. One night I was outside the bar hanging out, I was shining the Lazer into peoples eyes while they were driving and I hit these fellas pretty good. Well, they flipped around about to get poppin, but once I showed them how it made their teeth bling like no other, they just wanted to get down. Haha… so they started ghost riding the whip, dancing on their car and just getting it. All while listening to Bite Down by Boyz n Da Hood. One of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Every sunday in Cincinnati, everyone gets together to hang out and go bowling. This is what happens when no one is watching with a bunch of drunk ridaz. I’ve broken 4 balls personally and between the group, we’ve broken about 13 of them. Just throw it as high and as hard as you can, haha.

This is a little painting I’m working on right now. Kinda random, but I like it.

Me and a buddy of mine went on a little road bike ride and came came across this amazing swing. It’s honestly like a roller coaster, you go so fast and high.


  1. Albert says:

    The inside of a bowling ball looks like hardened cream cheese.

  2. Kosman says:

    that makes me hungry thinking about hardened cream cheese

  3. Joey Cobbs says:

    I just heard word that Shelly and Tony got engaged. Congrats you two!! Your children will be beautiful. –

  4. francis says:

    That swing set is dope.

  5. DavidLang says:

    that is a good iphone update

  6. thats the biz says:

    haha this is awesome in so many ways

  7. Alex says:

    Now thats an Iphone update. Those swings lookin prime!

  8. Star says:

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